Our Promise to You

At Sunshine Pottery we strive to be a place for creativity, fun, and endless imaginative possibilities.

Our mission is to provide a safe and comfortable environment where kids of all ages as well as adults are free to let their artistic imaginations fly. The combination of our relaxing space with our friendly, upbeat, and talented staff make for the perfect place to experience all of Sunshine’s incredibly fun and innovative art activities. Customers can walk-in and paint pottery without any prior experience or book a party, class, or private lesson.

There are endless possibilities to practice one’s artistry at Sunshine Pottery. Our goal is for every customer to walk out of our studio with a giant smile and greater love for art than when they walked in.

Come to create, leave with so much more!


Meet Alice!

A graduate in graphic design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City, branching out as a designer and specialized decorative painter. She’s been the owner of Faux Finesse since 1994 – planning, designing, and executing specialty paint finishes on ceilings, walls, and furniture. Her talents are to recreate and give a fresh spirit to items new and old as anything can be painted and given a new life.

In Englewood, New Jersey, Sunshine Pottery combines diverse arts under the guidance and direction of seasoned artist Alice Small, a creative spirit herself, full of life and sunshine. All that she creates and how she sees the world is infused with flavor, fragrance, and colors.

With a Bostonian accent and a college degree, Alice still struts her New England pride. It only takes a few moments for her to prove that she knows what she is talking about, and what she is doing. 

Throughout Alice’s life, she dreamed of teaching and inspiring others with her innate gifts. As a result, Sunshine Pottery was born, where she could share her love of art with others. Putting her dream into action, she helps and encourages children, teens, and adults to tap into their creative side whether they have a background in art or not. 

Alice encourages anyone taking a visit to Sunshine Pottery to just “Make Art” to express themselves, to think outside the box, and to go with their own inner creative urges. There are no rules, no expectations, and no right or wrong. Get in touch with the creative part of yourself and take pride in what you have accomplished.

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Each and every day, Alice strives to foster family relationships while putting a smile on children’s faces. People can come to the studio, disconnect from the digital world, and enjoy face-to-face time with family and friends in an upbeat, warm, and welcoming setting.

The top priority of her business is to offer her clients a clean, spacious and safe space to work. She encourages all her clients to be creative and have fun when they do their art.